Primary News

Primary School Eid Al Adha Assembly
Wednesday, 30 September 2015

This year"s Eid Al Adha has come and gone, but our memories live on... IAA commemorated this beautiful occasion with our annual festivities, with Primary Students delivering celebratory performances enjoyed by all. Thank you, Primary students, for sharing your holiday spirit!

Grade 4D 'Greeks Got Talent' Show
Monday, 14 September 2015
Performing Arts -

Grade 4D had lots to say about Greek Myths and Legends at their toga-filled "Greeks Got Talent Assembly" last week! A daydreaming school girl travels through time to witness the Greek Pantheon strutting their stuff. Finishing with a very clever rap outlining key parts of Ancient Greek Cosmology, Grade 4D had much to teach us! ╬╝¤Ç¤ü╬¼╬▓╬┐! (Bravo!)

Primary Parent Workshop School Manual
Sunday, 30 August 2015
Workshop -

Communication is key! The Weekly Parents" Workshops have officially begun at IAA. Primary parents gathered to learn more about the Primary School yesterday in preparation for another great year.