Primary News

Video: It's a Wonderful World! Primary Production
Monday, 23 May 2016
Performance -

IAA Video: The IAA Primary students presented 'It's a Wonderful World!' this semester, an epic musical production that took its audience on an exciting tour around the world! Check it out!

IAA Grandparents Get Involved!
Thursday, 19 May 2016
Community -

IAA Grandmother, Mrs Lutfiah Dalal Abu Harb, affectionately reads to Grade 1 in the Primary Atrium earlier today. The involvement of grandparents at school is a precious thing! Thank you, Mrs Abu Harb, for your generosity, charm and love of children!

Grade 3 Enterprise
Thursday, 19 May 2016
Enterprise -

Grade 3 Enterprise presents its annual "Chocolate for Charity" project! The IAA Chocolate Pillar Pack boasts 4 chocolate bars labelled individually with a drawing of each IAA Pillar (Leadership, Acceptance, Duty and Cultural Heritage). The cost of the Pillar Pack is only 5JD. Orders and payments will be taken in the classrooms from Sunday, 22nd May to Thursday, 26th May. All orders will be delivered on Monday, 5th June, and all proceeds will be donated to the King Hussein Cancer Foundation. Our Grade 3 students are really excited about their 'Chocolate for Charity' project! Please support our project and help make it a success!  

Grade 5 Enterprise!
Tuesday, 10 May 2016
Enterprise -

Greetings from Grade 5 Enterprise! Students have been hard at work creating a Jordanian-themed Activity Book, DIVE INTO JORDAN. Books will be sold for 3JD each. Order forms will be sent out on Sunday via Moodle and email. Please submit payment and order forms to Finance by 15th May. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get this unique gift in celebration of the upcoming Independence Day. Proceeds will be donated to Atfaluna. We look forward to your support.

U12 Hawks Win MEUC First Place
Monday, 18 April 2016
Sports -

BREAKING NEWS: Recently, our U12 boys competed in Dubai, UAE in the Middle East Unity Cup (MEUC) competition. IAA has just learned that they have now emerged as the champions of the MEUC championship tournament, with their original second place status canceled due to an MEUC error. While the team was extremely pleased with their performance, they were thrilled to also discover that they have officially been awarded the first place trophy. Congratulations Hawks! You were already - and will always be - our champs!