Primary News

Primary Music Assembly Warms Hearts
Thursday, 10 March 2016
Music -
The Primary Music Assembly - what a show! IAA students surely crooned their way into our hearts. Thank you, Primary School, for a fabulous performance.

Grade 3 Impresses with Wax Museum
Sunday, 06 March 2016
Education -

Grade 3 have been studying  Explorers and Adventurers at IAA! Check out their Wax Museum, featuring famous names and faces in history. Can you guess who"s who in these pics?

Primary Bake Sale Supports Tkiyet Um Ali
Sunday, 06 March 2016
Service -

The monthly Primary Bake Sale, where Heart Healthy snacks are enjoyed by teachers and students alike, was a big success! Thank you, Grade 1, for providing these delicious treats. All raised funds will be donated to the Tkiyet Um Ali, a charitable organization working hard to feed the hungry in Jordan and beyond.

Grade 5 Science Assembly
Sunday, 06 March 2016
Performance -

Last week"s Thursday Primary Assembly featured IAA"s Grade 5 showing off their science skills. The Scientific Method was the star of the show, as our budding scientists in Grade 5 showed us how it"s done. Hypotheses, Predictions, Observations and Conclusions - all made an appearance at this very clever show!

Pre-K Sharing and Caring
Sunday, 28 February 2016
Education -

"In the IAA Pre-K, we are learning about Sharing and Caring -- for our friends and family as well as for the environment. On Thursday, we each planted a seed that we will be taking care of and watching grow. We each had a cup (with our pictures and names on it), and we walked out to the garden and put soil in our cups. Then we put a seed in the soil and pushed it down so it was covered with the soil. We talked about the seed being safe and warm in the soil, like a baby in a blanket. We learned that we need to be gentle with the seed and not play with the soil while we wait for the seed to grow. We walked back to the classroom holding our seeds with two hands, careful not to shake or bump the cup. The seeds will be in the window so they can get lots of sunshine to help them grow. We will be watering our seeds one or two times each week and we will watch for the seed to grow into a bean plant." Bravo, Pre-K!