Criteria and Procedures

Tours & Information Sessions

Information Sessions are usually held in November of the preceding academic year. These include information on curriculum and a school tour. Tours are usually conducted by the Deputies of Primary/Secondary and last approximately one and a half hours. Student leaders are available to answer questions as well.
As a general practice, non-scheduled visits/tours are not conducted, as these interrupt the daily routine of the students. IAA, however, realizes that situations occur whereby families may be unable to attend scheduled Information Sessions. In some cases, such as families visiting from overseas and who are on tight schedules, tours may be arranged. These, however, must be booked in advance.

Admissions Procedures

IAA accepts students from ages 3 (Pre-K) to 17 (Grade 11), provided they have successfully completed the admissions process.

IAA accepts students from ages 3 (Pre-K) to 17 (Grade 11), provided they have successfully completed the admissions process. Admission is contingent on several factors including availability, review of application forms and required documentation (e.g. previous school reports) and screening results (placement tests and/or interviews). Note that submitting an application does not automatically guarantee admission.

All required documentation must be submitted with the application form.  Please refer to the last page of the Application Forms. Prospective students are invited for screening (placement tests and interviews) once their applications and required documentation have been reviewed. 

Placement tests assess ability and skills rather than knowledge and are administered for prospective students applying for G1 and above. Once the placement test results have been reviewed and approved, the interviews are conducted. Early Years applicants (Pre-K, KG1 and KG2) are invited for interviews directly.

The IAA academic programmes are rigorous and are designed to prepare students for prestigious universities. All offers of place are based on merit; there is no preferential admission to siblings and for classes with limited availability, screening is based upon the strongest applicants.

IAA accepts students who need English and Arabic language support in Primary. In Secondary, however, Arabic is offered at a range of levels to accommodate students at any level of fluency.

Screening fees are non-refundable and must be settled prior to placement tests and interviews. Once offered a place, registration and other school fees must be completed by the due date.