Prophet's Birthday Observance
Thursday, 15 November 2018
As per the Prime Ministry’s announcement, the observance of Prophet Mohammad’s birthday will be on Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018 instead of Wednesday. Thus, the IAA will be closed Tuesday.
IAA Takes Part in the Jordanian School Librarians Conference
Monday, 12 November 2018
The IAA Library Team attended the Jordanian School Librarians Conference held at the Amman Baptist School on 4-5 November. IAA Libraries were integral in establishing and planning the annual bilingual conference. The theme was Librarians Helping Librarians: Collaborate & Innovate. Over 100 librarians and vendors participated in this year’s event. Renee Hobbs, from the University of Rhode Island and the Media Education Lab delivered the keynote address about Information Literacy.
Personal Body Safety In Primary
Thursday, 08 November 2018
Primary Counsellors Ms Maria Patino and Ms Sophie Hamam presented “Personal Body Safety” content to primary parents. IAA students are made aware of how to keep themselves safe and such efforts need the parents’ support which was the objective of yesterday’s morning session.
Brainstorm at IAA
Sunday, 21 October 2018
The senior school at IAA will be performing a play entitled “Brainstorm”. The play was originally created and performed in London in 2015 and is all about the teenage years, what it means to be a teenager, choices and relationships. Join us. **Play suitable for students Grade 9 and above.**
I'MUN Countdown ...1 day, 6 hours, 50 minutes.
Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Our annual event, I'MUN is happening tomorrow. I'MUN is an educational simulation and academic activity in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. This year's theme is Political Parallax, meaning the change that happens when looking at political and social changes from various points of view. Guest speakers this year are Robert Jenkins, Country Representative of UNICEF Jordan and Lex Takkenberg, Chief, Ethics Office at UNRWA Headquarters. Thank you sponsors for your support. @MarkaziaLexus @BankOfJordanOfficial @CareemJOR @theyousefafandi Stay tuned for more news!