Teachers Appreciation Day
Monday, 16 December 2019
A MASSIVE THANK YOU to the PTA for hosting this lovely brunch for our teachers this Thursday in show of appreciation! We are blessed to have such a loving and giving community.
The MYP Results
Saturday, 03 August 2019
Today the IB released the MYP results. As usual our students have secured some excellent results, the vast majority of which are Bilingual Certificates as they took both English A and Arabic A. Six of our students also successfully completed a third language - Spanish – Languish Acquisition. Our top student achieved 53 from 56 points, and 48% of our cohort achieved 40 or more points showing great strength. We are very happy with our Extended Maths results as so few students sit for this subject worldwide. Our Extended Maths class achieved an average of 5.22 out of 7, well above the world average. In addition, at IAA we promote students to take a very challenging and broad range of subjects, where all of our students are eligible for the MYP certificate. The minimum number of subjects required for an MYP certificate is eight. 6% of our students gained passes in an impressive 11 subjects. A further 40% of the class achieved passes in 10 subjects, which exemplifies the rigour of the programme at IAA. We would like to congratulate the MYP Class of 2019. We wish them all the best in their IB Diploma journey, which will start soon. Mabrouk!
Class of 2019
Saturday, 03 August 2019
We are extremely proud of our Class of 2019. 18 students now have 40 or more points in the Diploma Programme and this equates to 40% of all of those students who took the full Diploma Programme. The Diploma cohort averaged 37 points per student. These are our best Diploma results to date. Those students who took the IB Courses also did extremely well and averaged 31 points which is, again, the best ever results we have attained for IB Courses. It has been a magnificent year for the Class of 2019; we are very happy for them and wish them all a wonderful time at university.
IAA's Alumni Magazine - 2019
Tuesday, 18 June 2019

IAA is pleased to present to you its fifth edition of "Leaders of Today", the annual alumni magazine. In it, IAA spotlights the leaders of the IAA community, past and present – including alumni, parents and faculty.

Manaf Hijjawi (’19) Wins UAE X30 Challenge
Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Last weekend Manaf won the 6th and last race of the UAE X30 challenge, one of the most exciting kart racing championships in the Middle East. With that, Manaf also secured the 2019 UAE championship! Well done Manaf.