Arts and Culture


The IAA enjoys a thriving Drama/Theater programme, both in the Primary and Secondary Schools. Students are introduced to public speaking and performance at a very early age, growing accustomed to the stage quickly. Building their character, students at IAA exude confidence and enthusiasm when presenting to large audiences, an essential skill which serves them throughout their lives. The Primary School stages weekly performances for the community, tying dramatic and musical performance into the curricular experience, a more holistic and engaging approach to learning. The Secondary School presents two major drama productions every year, offering elaborate storylines, sophisticated set and costume design, and impressive special effects, all made possible by the world-class IAA Auditorium. Drama serves to enhance character, confidence and cultural understanding within IAA students, all valuable components to effective education.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at IAA has uncovered students" great commitment to the creation of thought-provoking and inspired Art pieces. Within Visual Arts, students are encouraged to explore and develop their own creativity in a variety of ways. Across all age groups, IAA pays special attention to the elements of Art & Design, using them to understand Artists and Art movements, as well as to design and create exciting original works. Students are introduced to new media and techniques throughout their artistic development, working in both 2D, 3D and digitally to create their outcomes. As internationally minded citizens, our older students take on a variety of themes to produce their work, often looking at cultural and global issues for inspiration. Students" work is celebrated throughout the IAA campus with displays in the library, corridors and reception areas.  In December, IAA presents the MYP Visual Arts exhibition, and towards the end of the school year, there is the final DP Visual Arts exhibition - a culmination of 2 years" worth of work displayed in a professional manner.


It has been said that Music transcends all boundaries. As such, IAA encourages Primary and Secondary students to fully explore their musical talents and abilities, within both the curricular and extra-curricular contexts.

It has been said that Music transcends all boundaries. As such, IAA encourages Primary and Secondary students to fully explore their musical talents and abilities, within both the curricular and extra-curricular contexts. Students are given the opportunity to discover a wide variety of historical and cultural influences, from classical masters such as Beethoven and Mozart to more contemporary groups such as the Beatles and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Musical concerts take place in the beautiful IAA Auditorium throughout the school year, with students exhibiting their talents both vocally and instrumentally. The growing IAA Choir performs regularly, inspiring audiences with their rendition of the IAA school anthem, "The Academy, Our Home.” The IAA Band Concerts provide another musical perspective, with individual and collective students sharing their skills on a variety of instruments. The musical culture at IAA is one that seeks to unlock students" creativity, self-expression and skill as part of a holistic educational experience.


Culture is embedded within and transferred through language, and at IAA, language is extremely important. IAA offers an international education within a Jordanian context, and as such the Arabic language is central to the IAA experience. While the primary language medium used at IAA is English, Arabic is strongly integrated throughout the curriculum from Pre-K to Grade 12. It pervades the curriculum in many ways, including through Religious Studies, the Social Sciences, Athletics and the Arts. The impressive IAA Libraries also promote and preserve both Arabic and English as integral components of IAA culture, while simultaneously housing a vast collection of books in other languages, including Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Mandarin and more. Spanish is also formally offered as a third language as part of the Secondary School language curriculum. The study of language, then, is part and parcel of IAA"s commitment to its Pillars of Acceptance and Pride in its rich Cultural Heritage.


An integral facet of one"s cultural education is the opportunity to explore the global cornucopia of societies, histories and landscapes around the world. At IAA, students take advantage of the many prospects to travel both nationally and internationally, pursuing opportunities for sport, training, education, competition and/or adventure. Among our annual international trips are the Spanish Language Trip to Spain, the Ski Trip to Switzerland, Community Action Trips to Asia, the Drama Trip to London, the Science Camp Trip to Turkey and others. Such cross-cultural exposure encourages Jordanian youth to assume their role as global citizens of a complex yet interconnected worldwide community. The impact of travel within a scholastic context is profound, supporting the IAA Pillars of Leadership, Duty, Acceptance and Pride in one"s own Cultural Heritage. Hence, travel within Jordan is an equally essential component in developing students" awareness of their own cultural legacy and personal identity. Exploration outside of the classroom begins early, with Primary students venturing to educational, religious and cultural sites throughout the Kingdom.

As such, IAA has offered an abundance of opportunities, including:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • London, UK
  • Cambodia
  • Nepal
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Nice, France
  • Germany
  • Washington DC, USA
  • Honk Kong, Japan
  • Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Jerash, Petra, Jordan
  • And more...

The IAA adheres to the Ministry of Jordan Religious Studies Curriculum, instructing students in their own respective faith while simultaneously fostering a fundamental openness and understanding of others" religious affiliations. IAA goes beyond tolerance, nurturing a healthy Acceptance in every facet of student life and learning. In addition to delivering the curriculum, the Religious Studies team organizes numerous traditional festivities and events, executes community service programmes and promotes the overall values rooted within faith and spirituality. Among its many facilities is the IAA Prayer Hall, open to all staff and students throughout the day. Compassion, humility and benevolence form the basis of the approach to Religious Studies at IAA.