Portrait of A Graduate



IAA’s Portrait of a Graduate symbolises the type of person an IAA education seeks to create. 

The Portrait is topped by the image of two flags: a Jordanian flag joined to a flag with a globe.  The globe symbolises internationalism, and it is joined to the Jordanian flag to show that an IAA graduate has an international outlook combined equally with a deep love for Jordan and appreciation for its culture and people.

The centre of the Portrait is a hexagon creating the six words that represents the IAA graduate’s most important attributes.  These attributes were chosen through committee work done by all school stakeholders, including staff, parents, alumni and students. 

They include:

  • Resilient: The IAA graduate is not afraid to take on new challenges, risk the possibility of failure and try again.
  • Adaptable: The IAA graduate is prepared to ‘take life as it comes’ and change plans accordingly.
  • Responsible: The IAA graduate does what is right, even ‘when no one is looking’. The IAA graduate takes care of people and the environment as much as personally possible.
  • Confident: The IAA graduate is guided by an internal compass composed of knowledge, skill, ethics and morality.  The IAA graduate is not burdened with unproductive second guessing.
  • Independent: The IAA graduate has learned to think and make decisions.  The IAA graduate does not need to unduly rely on others.
  • Genuine: The above attributes keep the IAA graduate well-grounded and able to act from a basis of authenticity.

The shape, colour and design of the Portrait are meant to evoke the school’s symbol to visually connect these attributes to the school.

In the centre of the Portrait, there is a silhouette of a male and female graduate, who stand together, side by side.  IAA is a coeducational institution where men and women are educated to lead Jordan into its future together.

At the bottom of the Portrait, the Four Pillars are depicted to show that they are the solid foundation on which an IAA education is built.