Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at IAA has uncovered students" great commitment to the creation of thought-provoking and inspired Art pieces. Within Visual Arts, students are encouraged to explore and develop their own creativity in a variety of ways. Across all age groups, IAA pays special attention to the elements of Art & Design, using them to understand Artists and Art movements, as well as to design and create exciting original works. Students are introduced to new media and techniques throughout their artistic development, working in both 2D, 3D and digitally to create their outcomes. As internationally minded citizens, our older students take on a variety of themes to produce their work, often looking at cultural and global issues for inspiration. Students" work is celebrated throughout the IAA campus with displays in the library, corridors and reception areas.  In December, IAA presents the MYP Visual Arts exhibition, and towards the end of the school year, there is the final DP Visual Arts exhibition - a culmination of 2 years" worth of work displayed in a professional manner.