It has been said that Music transcends all boundaries. As such, IAA encourages Primary and Secondary students to fully explore their musical talents and abilities, within both the curricular and extra-curricular contexts. Students are given the opportunity to discover a wide variety of historical and cultural influences, from classical masters such as Beethoven and Mozart to more contemporary groups such as the Beatles and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Musical concerts take place in the beautiful IAA Auditorium throughout the school year, with students exhibiting their talents both vocally and instrumentally. The growing IAA Choir performs regularly, inspiring audiences with their rendition of the IAA school anthem, "The Academy, Our Home.” The IAA Band Concerts provide another musical perspective, with individual and collective students sharing their skills on a variety of instruments. The musical culture at IAA is one that seeks to unlock students" creativity, self-expression and skill as part of a holistic educational experience.