Early Years

Concept: The Early years classes from Pre-K to KG2 are based on the latest educational theory, holistic educational concepts alongside modern child-centred learning. These concepts are carefully combined and delivered through a variety of innovative and stimulating activities and adapted to different learning styles.

Teachers: Internationally qualified teachers with expertise in up-to-date early childhood theory. We have selected the best quality teaching staff to deliver our innovative programme from a range of recruitment fairs around the world. Each classroom is staffed by a lead teacher with two Teaching Assistants. A regular relief teacher is supplied in the event of teacher absence to ensure continuity and in line with recognised best practice for young children.

Management: Primary Principal Andrew Powell oversees the development, teaching and curriculum delivery in the Early Years. Anna Burgess, the Head of Early Years, is responsible for the daily implementation of teaching and learning and maintaining excellent standards across the Early Years classrooms. Her role also includes a seamless transition from Pre-K, KG1 and KG2 and then further into the Primary School, ensuring children achieve learning goals within a positive and supportive learning environment.

Design Set Up: Our new Pre-K has architecturally designed purpose built classrooms and playground complete with specially designed children's bathroom and sleep room. All Early years classrooms are designed using aesthetic qualities to encourage children to learn in a peaceful yet stimulating environment.

The emphasis is on natural lighting, soft colour palettes, and furnishings that are conducive to encouraging active thinking and learning as well as remaining relaxing and soothing. The latest educational equipment is displayed readily available for children to select to encourage independence and individual choice.

Curriculum: The Pre-K uses the UK Early Years Foundation Stage 2012 curriculum incorporating the seven areas of learning taught alongside carefully selected programmes such as 'Heuristic play' in Pre K and 'Jolly Phonics' in KG1 and KG2. All curriculum delivery is adapted to blend comfortably with Jordanian culture and alongside the Arabic language curriculum. Initially in Pre-K the focus is on the prime areas of Communication and Language, Personal, social and emotional development and Physical development. Once prime area learning objectives are achieved each child moves onto specific learning through the areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive art and design.

Emphasis is on continuous provision of learning using a range of carefully planned activities combined with emergent curriculum theory. Individual targets are set for each child with learning scaffolded to ensure essential learning is completely covered. Teachers regularly observe and assess each child to ensure goals and targets are met and extended. 

Learn more about the Pre-K with this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoIuIcJ-GFY