CAS Activity "Omm Qais"
Wednesday, 01 December 2010

Last weekend (November 25-27th) a group of students from grade 11 and 12 participated in a very interesting, unique, and informative expedition to Umm Qais. A truly memorable experience, the students spent three days conducting archeological digs independently within, what was once known to be, the Ancient Roman City of Gadara. The students excavated and discovered many ancient objects and were informed on how to handle them by the professional archeologists. This ensured that every student experienced practical, hands-on learning. The students gained knowledge on how to dig, discover and clean objects professionally. These objects had vast historical backgrounds which the students were informed of and taught to recognize.

Umm Qais’s history consists of many diverse ancient civilizations that left a unique print on the land. Through this experience, the students were made aware of the city’s significant and vast history, appreciating its greatness and increasing their pride in their country of Jordan.


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