Admissions Procedures

We believe that every child has the right to a quality education that supports physical, emotional, social, behavioural and academic development. To that extent, we will admit students to whom we can provide the support and guidance to be successful within the school and wider community. To further our inclusive practices, in the 2023-2024 school year, IAA is accepting a certain percentage of new students in Pre-K to Grade 11 with identified learning support needs. Parents are strongly encouraged to share their child's needs in order to assist the school with putting strategies for success in place.

IAA accepts students from age 3 (Pre-K) to 17 (Grade 12), provided that they have successfully completed all stages of the admissions process. Admission is contingent on availability, evaluation of application and required documentation and screening results.

a)  Application:

The following forms (application form, medical form and letter of undertaking)  must be emailed to with all supporting documents (previous report cards, passport, birth certificate, vaccination card, family card for Jordanians and residency for non-Jordanians).




Required documentation (e.g. official school report cards for the last two academic years) must be submitted with the application.  Application fees are non-refundable and must be settled with the application.

Depending on the grade the student is applying for and/or data available on report cards, student's current/previous school will be asked to fill confidential reference forms and to submit them directly to Admissions.

A representative from Admissions will organise a meeting with the parents/ guardians (either in-person or virtually) to answer any questions and to guide them through the application process.

b)  Screening:

Prospective students are invited for screening once available spots have been confirmed and applications have been evaluated by the Admissions Committee.  Screening includes observation in a group situation followed by individual screening (Pre-K to KG2), written test and interview (G1) and online placement tests and interview (G2 -G12). Screening fees must be settled prior to screening and are non-refundable.

c)  Placement Offer:

Once offered a place, registration and school fees must be settled by the due date.

Mid-Year Entry

Whilst it is preferred that students enrol at the beginning of the school year, IAA recognises that sometimes students may need mid-year admittance. This is usually reserved for international placements and is contingent on availability and successful completion of the admissions process.


Fees are subject to change and require Board approval. Registration and school fees are non-refundable.   


Please read and enjoy the iaa_prospectus.pdf

For further information, please contact the Admissions Department via email: