Conduct & Behaviour

General School Rules

All IAA students are expected to maintain a high standard of conduct and to comply with IAA rules, regulations, accepted behaviours and attitudes. To help the students meet these expectations, a set of rules and regulations are clearly outlined in the student planner.

IAA has zero tolerance for any form of bullying or intimidation. All students are to be treated fairly and respectfully. School values are manifested in the students' daily interactions with their peers and teachers. Rules related to attendance, accepted academic performance, conduct and uniform regulations are summarized in the following sections.

Code of Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a positive manner with respect to the entire school body at all times. The school expects each student to be respectful to others, be responsible for their actions and to be honest in dealing with peers and all adult members of IAA community.

It is further expected that students monitor their own verbal and physical behaviour and act within the parameters set by the school. Students who show themselves incapable of IAA trust and who are unable to behave in a responsible manner will face appropriate consequences. In Secondary a Disciplinary Safety Net has been crafted delineating offences of students who do not meet the behavioural expectations at IAA.

Dress Code

Students are expected to take pride in their appearance by wearing the correct school uniform. School uniform is mandatory for all grades.

The Primary uniform consists of cargo pants or shorts for boys and cargo pants or skirt for girls. Shirts are 'baby blue' polo shirt for boys or striped shirt for girls. School shoes should be black/brown, except for medical cases. Training shoes/sneakers and open-toed or backless sandals are not allowed.

In Secondary, the Grades 6-10 uniform consists of cargo pants with 'baby blue' shirt for girls and boys. IB Diploma students- boys and girls- must wear navy blue polo shirts with cargo pants. Black shoes (no crocs, sandals or open toed footwear) are permitted all year except in winter when students can wear boots (boot must be black or brown).

For Primary and Secondary girls and boys, hair that is below the chin or at chin level should be tied back during school hours for health and safety reasons. For Secondary boys, beards and moustaches are not allowed.

Attendance Policy

The attendance policy at IAA only recognizes documented illnesses, recognized religious holidays or family emergencies as legitimate absences. Students are expected to maintain a 90%+ attendance record. This includes authorized and unauthorized absences.

Authorised absences are usually for illness, family emergencies (not travel) and/or other absences permitted by Head of School.

Unauthorised absences include, but are not limited to, absences due to travel and lateness to school.

It is possible that a student who exceeds the allowed absent days will not receive grades on his/her report card, be asked to repeat their current grade and/or, in the case of Secondary, not receive credit for that semester. Should a student be absent for more than 10% of the school days, a letter is sent home as a reminder of the attendance policy.

After an absence, the student must submit a note to the classroom teacher. In Primary, the School Nurse telephones to confirm the nature of the absence.

All appointments including medical appointments, dental and/or other personal appointments must be made after school. Students will not normally be given permission to leave school during the day. Should it be necessary for a student to leave school for an appointment, they are expected to show evidence of the appointment. For Secondary students, if the appointment is 12:30 pm or before, students are expected to return to school. For Primary, they are expected to return to school if the appointment is at 11:30 am or before. Early leave is counted in absences.

Gate Policy

IAA believes that in order for students to learn best they should be on time and ready for school; therefore, all students must be in the school grounds prior to the morning anthem (0745). IAA has adopted a policy and procedure for all late students and parents are advised to read the 'IAA Gate Policy' (see below). Secondary students who are tardy to class two or more times a week without legitimate excuse will be given an afternoon detention.

 Gate Policy