Make sure to catch this "Beastly" production!
Wednesday, 21 February 2024
Tickets available at the door for tonight's show and tomorrow's show!
Fueling creativity for the road ahead!
Wednesday, 21 February 2024
Our students are gearing up for the International Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, where their imaginations will take the driver's seat! Thanks to @markazia_toyotajo social contribution drive, our young artists are revved up and ready to paint their dreams on the upcoming contest.
Turning coins into concepts!
Sunday, 18 February 2024
Yesterday, our Grade 11 students got hands-on with financial wisdom thanks to the RISE initiative by Impact First Management Consultancy LLC and @bankaletihadjo. Our students dwelled in the world of finances through different activities and dynamic discussions that empowered them with life-enhancing financial knowledge!
Unleashing the enchanting talent in this year's #iaaannualdramaproduction of Beauty & the Beast Directed by our very own Ms. Titiana Khoury and her assistants Gazi Al Zubi, Hussam Baloula, Maya Sharaiha, Michael Imseeh, and Salma Bawalsa!
Wednesday, 14 February 2024
Get ready for a tale as old as time with a cast that's anything but 'beastly'! Tickets are available now at the IAA Finance Department; make sure you buy yours before we sell out! #beautyandthebeast Special thanks go to our sponsors, @aljazy.logistics, @inglot_jo, @gig_jor,, @dallmayrjo, @freehand_library
Our grade 2 crew aced the 100th day of school with activities galore; counting, creating, and having a blast with all things 100!
Sunday, 11 February 2024
Can we talk about those outfits? They didn't just show up, they SHOWED OUT, decked in 100th day glory! Here's to a hundred more days of learning, laughter, and limitless fun!