Teaching Positions

Thank you for your interest in joining the IAA family.

Secondary School Vacancies for Academic Year 2019/2020:

IB MYP Science Teacher grades 9 & 10 – IB experience required


Primary School Vacancies for Academic Year 2019/2020:

KG1 Classroom Teacher starting 1/1/2020

Grade 3 Classroom Teacher starting 1/1/2020


Whole School:

Schoolwide Special Needs/Learning Support (LS) Coordinator

Special Needs/Learning Support Teachers

Special Needs Teacher Assistants/Shadow Teachers


Qualifications and Skills:



  • Bachelor’s/undergraduate degree with teaching emphasis or completion of a teacher preparation programme and/or a degree in an academic subject area from a recognized institution or Board as required by the position
  • Certification in teaching from a recognised institution and/or Board
  • Police clearance to work with children and in schools
  • Strong communication skills in English (Native speaker)
  • Good interpersonal skills in interacting with students, parents and staff
  • Ability to supervise students in non-classroom settings
  • Ability to work independently and within a team



  • Advanced degree in education or subject related field
  • Experience in an internationally accredited school or national/state school in an English-speaking country
  • Experience and certification in teaching the school programmes


Only qualified, certified teachers, fluent in English and with a relevant degree and experience in education will be considered for the position.

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