IAA takes the social and emotional wellbeing of our students very seriously and our two, well qualified counsellors are well resourced in terms of time and private meeting rooms. The two Secondary School Counsellors work with students, parents and teachers. The counsellors train groups of MYP and DP students to be peer helpers in order to function as listeners and mediators within the school community. They also regularly meet with groups of students in all grades to discuss how their year is going and to become aware of their challenges. Individual students can book one to one sessions with a counsellor through our IT platforms. Secondary counsellors are heavily involved in the transition process meeting with new students in groups and individually, supporting their integration into the IAA family. Secondary students who are leaving IAA are invited to attend transition workshops given by the counsellors in order to prepare them for the process of changing location. The counsellors give parenting workshops and are available to meet with parents on an individual basis. Teachers have the opportunity to meet with individual students and the counsellors, to gain a better understanding of each others' classroom needs and facilitate learning.