IAA has developed its international, inquiry-based curricula to incorporate areas of learning which are necessarily skill-based, competitive and forward-looking. While the entire learning approach at IAA hinges upon 21st Century educational principles, IAA also perpetually seeks to incorporate new topics, methods and frameworks to ensure IAA students remain current. Towards this end, IAA integrates the following curricula into a world-class programme already rich in skill-development and creative thinking:

  • Design Technology
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Coding
  • Enterprise
  • One-to-One Computing

The extra-curricular Robotics and Formulae 1 Teams are also an ideal fit to IAA"s goals, with their clear links to the modern approach to lifelong learning. Students enjoy opportunities to showcase their talents at local, regional and international competitions, at which IAA teams have excelled in the past.

The well-researched benefits of participating in fields like Coding, Robotics, Formulae 1, DT, and ICT are both wide and deep. Such technologies deliver a fascinating blend of theoretical and practical experience. They transform students into dynamic seekers of knowledge, active participants in their own education. Children show initiative and independence. No longer are they passive recipients of information. IAA works to refine students" creative problem-solving skills, research acumen, and ability to effectively work in teams. Students employ proactive collaboration and communication, producing tangible solutions to given challenges.