Principal's Welcome

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Primary School division of The International Academy - Amman. We are recognised for providing a positive and caring learning environment in which we nurture our students so that they may make the most of their individual potential while aspiring to excellence.

At the heart of our school is a commitment to our four School Pillars: Acceptance, Duty, Leadership and Cultural Heritage. We believe that these values are essential to the development of the leaders of tomorrow. We take much pride in our Jordanian context and recognise the importance of ensuring that our students develop the skills and attitudes necessary to make positive contributions to an increasingly globalised society.

Fundamental to learning in the Primary School is the establishment of highly proficient numeracy and literacy skills to support the development of deep learning, critical thinking and higher order conceptual understanding. Our group of dynamic and dedicated teachers are highly trained and draw on a broad range of experiences from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

We have been able to choose curricula which best suits the learning needs of our students. Our Early Years students follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. From Grade 1, the English and Welsh National Curriculum is used for literacy and the Australian National Curriculum is used for our mathematics learning while Science, History, Geography and Technology are drawn from the International Primary Curriculum. In addition to instruction from their core teacher, students receive specialist instruction in Arabic, Social Studies, Religion, music, ICT and Physical Education, with the Jordanian Ministry of Education curriculum used for Arabic and Science, Social Studies and Religion taught in the Arabic language.

In the Primary School we recognise that we have a range of diverse learning profiles amongst our students and we are committed to doing our best to meet their needs. Our teachers place an emphasis on differentiating instruction for learner variability and we also have a dedicated Learning Support specialist allocated to each grade in order to individualise support for students as necessary.

Technology is a fundamental feature of our students, lives and hence our students have access to a state-of-the-art computer lab. Our Grade 5 students benefit from a dedicated Bring Your Own Device programme. In addition to utilising a range of productivity suites, our students have access to a range of software programs at school and home. Coding is a key component of our Grade 5 curriculum and a dedicated technology specialist supports the development of this important skill.

Our physical surroundings have a profound impact on our capacity to learn and our classrooms are light-filled and technology-rich. We have a dedicated space set aside for our Pre-K students and there is plenty of space to run, play and explore with access to climbing structures, scootering spaces, a sports, oval and heated swimming pool. These facilities are also utilised through an extensive sports and activities programme.

The Primary School at The International Academy - Amman provides learning opportunities for every student that not only encourages self-confidence and intellectual development, but instil a sense of independence, responsibility and consideration for others. We are proud of our school and encourage you to consider it as an option for your child.


Andrew Powell
Primary Principal