Principal's Welcome

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to IAA. I am very proud to be leading a school that is young yet mature, dynamic yet stable and whose students are so articulate and confident yet grounded and compassionate.

At IAA, we interpret education broadly. We view learning as a process and as an outcome. We encourage the development of our core values and skills as well as knowledge. We value the whole child as an individual, with specific needs to be supported within the IAA community. As a result, I am very proud of our sporting success and the Hawks teams. In addition, our major theatrical productions are now of a standard that amazes me! Students who want to be involved in trips, MUN, Robotics, F1 and other activities, can find their niche at IAA.

The strength of both the IB Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme offered in the Secondary School translates into IAA graduates who are better placed to fulfill their potential and make a meaningful contribution to a fast- changing and complex world. This is due to IAA"s academic rigour, breadth and depth, along with the associated "soft skills" built into our educational system.

Like most schools, IAA will be judged by its examination results...and rightly so. We are very proud of how our cohorts have done and their placement in prestigious universities around the world, reflecting their success. This year, IAA was one of the vanguard of schools that embarked upon the MYP e-assessment programme, and it was amazing to see our students sitting their online exams, working on tasks much like you and I do on computers at work. Our Diploma results were our best yet and show continued stability and strength in our ability to bring out the best in our students.

However, we strongly believe that we must not just settle for the measurable over the valuable, or the quantitative over the qualitative, for to do so would be to minimize and simplify the challenges facing the global citizen. If we know anything about the future, it is that it will be dominated by change, uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity. Those who can manage these challenges and succeed will be those students who have developed those characteristics defined in the IB Learner Profile. I sincerely believe that amongst our future leaders will be students from IAA.

The supportive relationship between students and all those who teach, guide and care for them is evident as one walks around the school. Such relationships are key to enabling any young person to flourish, and I would therefore like you to visit our community before deciding whether IAA is the right school for your child.

We trust that you will find it easy to navigate through our dynamic website and that you find all the information that you require. I encourage you to visit the IAA Panorama tab, an initiative run by our Diploma students. You will get a flavor of what they do at school. Happy browsing!  

Martin Thompson
Secondary School Principal