Prayer Hall

IAA is proud to say that it is one of the few schools in Amman that has an entire building dedicated solely for interfaith and prayer purposes. IAA's Religious Studies Centre is one of the most peaceful and reverent buildings within the school complex.

Set off from the main buildings, the Religious Studies Centre provides a comforting, spiritual place where students can pray and receive religious instruction in both Islam and/or Christianity. For IAA's Islamic students, there is a main Prayer Hall and a small mosque (masjid), which can accommodate up to 150 students; a mini library containing religious books and related texts and journals, as well as CDs for research and personal religious needs. The masjid has an area dedicated for washing and wudu'. The Centre's Islamic classrooms are organized based on a traditional medrassa where students are taught using katateeb methodology.

IAA's Christian students' classroom is designed to create a warm, welcoming, prayer-oriented, comforting ambiance. The classroom is decorated with students' work that reflects Christian traditions. Classes focus on more than learning through books and/or reading the Bible, but also emphasize the precepts of life based on love, peace, and respect. Tarateel, Christian songs and hymns, are also prepared and sung before holidays and events. There is also a small library dedicated to Christian studies.

Being a Holy retreat from the normal school atmosphere, the Religious Studies Centre provides students with a place where they can gather and pray during their breaks (the set praying times of the day), lunchtime and sometimes after school. Afterschool activities range from Quran and Bible readings, discussions and learning about religion through stories and other literature.

As a place for inter faith discussion and prayer, the Centre through its many activities not only promotes understanding of both the Christian and Islamic religions, but also serves as a symbol of mutual respect and tolerance.