Parent Teacher Association

PTA Mission & Values

The mission of the IAA Parent-Teacher Organization is the enhancement of the spirit of community, communication and cooperation within the IAA in an effort to foster an environment wherein students can develop to their potential.

Among the students, parents and staff, we hope to promote a keen sense of pride in this highly esteemed institution, pooling our resources to create more opportunities, enhance collective support and develop overall inclusiveness and morale. Clearly, this is to the benefit of all members of the IAA community, with a particular focus on the students, indeed the IAA's raison d'être.

PTA Programmes

In light of the stated mission and values of the first IAA PTA, the following points have been identified as community-building strategies which serve as the basis of PTA programme development.

Strategy 1: Develop a More Robust Sense of Inclusiveness/Involvement among IAA Parents
Strategy 2: Implement Peer Support Programs
Strategy 3: Harness the Power of Sports to Foster School Spirit
Strategy 4: Pool Our Collective Professional Expertise to Create Opportunities for Learning
Strategy 5: Establish Annual Social Functions and Traditions Exclusive to the IAA
Strategy 6: Employ Social Media More Effectively towards an Online Community
Strategy 7: Enhance Parent-Teacher Relations and Overall Staff Satisfaction

Parents and Teachers - How to Get involved

Because Parent-Teacher organizations depend on the support and participation of parents and teachers, we encourage you to get involved to help us achieve our programme goals. There are many ways in which to do this, but here are just a few:

  • Know your Executive Committee Members. They are here to facilitate and coordinate the realization of your ideas.
  • Stay informed about PTA events and announcements. Read emails, IAA Newsletter announcements and visit our IAA website and Facebook pages.
  • Offer feedback and ideas. Complete surveys and questionnaires online, use the anonymous PTA Suggestion Box located at the campus PTA office, write to, attend PTA workshops and discussion groups, or speak directly with a member of the PTA Executive Committee.
  • Volunteer as a Grade Parent to help communicate information and opportunities to parents of your children's grade levels.
  • Help promote community events and fund-raisers through word-of-mouth. Support of parents and teachers is the key to a successful event. Attend events and bring your friends and family too!
  • Volunteer your time to help organize, execute, or supervise events and fund-raisers. This can include a wide array of activities, from manning coffee stations to participating in a sporting tournament to supervising students to designing event invitations and flyers. The possibilities are endless!
  • Use your professional expertise to create new opportunities for learning for parents, students and teachers alike. This can include becoming a guest speaker, participating in Career Day at school, offering student work internships, participating in a Workplace Shadow Program for IAA students and much more!
  • Consider sponsorship opportunities. The PTA needs your support to achieve its goals for the benefit of our entire community! Contact us for further information on how you can help make the PTA a truly successful endeavor for our children.
  • Encourage your children to get involved too. Students can be an enormous help in the development and execution of events and activities. We hope you will encourage them to participate and offer their many ideas and talents to make things happen!


Contact the IAA PTA

Email us at


Drop your comments, questions, or concerns in the anonymous PTA Suggestion Box located outside the PTA Office on the IAA campus.

We look forward to hearing from all members of our school community.


Suha Saleh, PTA Chairperson

Muna Majali, PTA Vice-Chairperson

Iman Saudi, PTA Treasurer

Rawan Hindiyeh, PTA Secretary

Dana Hamzouq, PTA Executive Committee Member

Dima Hamdan, PTA Executive Committee Member

Graham Sharp, PTA Executive Committee Member

Hiba Hindieh, PTA Executive Committee Member

Jennifer Abu-Lughod, PTA Executive Committee Member

Reem Amireh, PTA Executive Committee Member

Sahar Wahbeh, PTA Executive Committee Member

Yaaseen Hoozeer, PTA Executive Committee Member

Zaina Kamal, PTA Executive Committee Member



 IAA Parent Teacher Association Constitution