At IAA, it is important that the school environment is both physically and psychologically safe and healthy. IAA has fully qualified and experienced Counsellors in both Primary and Secondary. Counselling is done individually, in small groups, or through whole class presentations.

The Counselling Department's ultimate goal is to help students be prepared to manage future challenges and progress confidently into an ever changing world. The availability of the Counselling Department's services supports the mission and vision of the school to support each student in becoming the "Leaders of Tomorrow".

The mission of the Counselling Department is to equip its students with the skills, principles and experiences that will enable them to fulfill their highest academic, personal and social potential. Counsellors advocate inspiring a supportive learning environment for all students.

IAA Counsellors provide guidance towards academic achievement and overall personal success. Counsellors teach and provide students with the necessary skills to get through personal barriers to their education. Barriers may include emotional concerns such as depression, self-esteem, friendships and other issues that students may find distracting them from doing their personal best at school. 

IAA Counsellors serve as neutral faculty members at school and are not involved in any form of disciplinary sanctioning. They provide a safe environment for students to express themselves and or seek guidance. Counsellors are bound by confidentiality and operate an 'open door' policy for students, parents, and school faculty. Information is relayed to others only on a need-to-know basis and if it involves safety and security of students and the school. At times, outside agencies may be consulted or students referred to them.

In addition to direct counselling services, IAA's Counsellors consult and collaborate with parents and school faculty to support the best interest of students. This is accomplished through parent or teacher meetings, parent workshops, and classroom observations.

The purpose of counselling is to help students do their best, be happy and be empowered for the future!

More information on IAA's Counselling services can be obtained by contacting the Counsellors' Offices either in Primary or Secondary School.