Mission & Vision


IAA delivers a holistic international education that exemplifies life-long learning and responsible citizenship.

IAA belongs to the Jordanian community, fostering an atmosphere of pride and identity, celebrating our traditions, and promoting a sustainable future.

IAA equips its students with the skills, principles and experiences that empower them to fulfill their academic, personal and social potential.

IAA promotes ethical development, intercultural empathy and a duty to the global and local communities.



To provide a unique educational experience that inspires, nourishes and celebrates the individual, one in which staff, students and parents are proud partners.


Definition of Learning

‘What is ‘learning’ at IAA?’.  Using a question as a header is in keeping with the framework of the IAA programme, which uses a method called ‘Understanding by Design’ that focusses on the use of Essential Questions to help learners identify and understand important ideas. 

The six attributes that IAA teachers agree they seek in students to identify when learning has occurred are arranged around the IAA logo, a pentagon.  Within the pentagon, three bullet points indicate other important capacities that they believe is important to develop in learners at IAA.

The staff of IAA continuously seek to improve the education it offers to prepare students for whatever directions their strengths and interests take them so that the ‘learners of today’ may truly become the ‘leaders of tomorrow.’