Learning Support

IAA is proud to offer limited learning support which is highlighted in detail below. Please note that IAA currently does not offer learning support to pre-diagnosed students seeking admission to IAA. However, the school does supply learning support for students with mild cases which may surface after being admitted to IAA. 


The IAA school provides a great service for students with learning difficulties. Such services are available to students in Primary and Secondary. The students may need supplemental support in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, mathematics, language development, and organizational skills.

The Learning Support Department is part of the Student Support Team (SST). The SST is comprised of professional educators and related personnel. We investigate student referrals, design strategies and recommendations that lead to a more successful future. We also monitor the progress of learning support students in collaboration with the class teacher.

Normally those students are identified through class/learning support teachers. Sometimes students are identified outside the school but nevertheless, all our students are on:

Individual Education Plan: Some of the students on the Learning Support Register will require an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Usually two-three targets are set in consultation with parents, teachers and students. These are set to help the student and teachers to focus on specific areas of need and will include suggested strategies to help the student to make progress. Students, teachers and parents review targets every six weeks. The support is carried out in Literacy and Numeracy; in-class or withdrawal support system.

Identification of Need Transition from Primary School: There is close liaison between Primary/Secondary schools when students move from Primary to Secondary. The Learning Support Coordinator informs the Head of the Student Affairs/Student Support of students already on a Special Educational Needs Register.


Learning Support is offered for all students who are identified as learning support through outside testing. The IB requires this testing for all students receiving learning support. Students who qualify for learning support are provided a support class in place of Spanish. During this time, students are provided individualized support to help them keep pace with the rigorous MYP/IB curriculums. Additionally, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are written for each learning support student to ensure teachers are aware of the needs of each learning support student, as well as equipped with strategies and accommodations to assist them in the classroom.