Language Support

Who gets Language Support?

Language Support at IAA is offered to students who need to accelerate their English or Arabic language proficiency in order to have equal access to the curriculum. Students in need of this service are usually referred to the Language Support Team by their class teacher or they are flagged through standardized reading and writing tests administered by the school.

How is Language Support organized?

Language Support at Primary level is given during regular class time in small pull out groups during Literacy class. At the Secondary level, students attend ESL class instead of Spanish.

Who are the teachers?

Our Language Support Team is made up of three highly qualified teachers with degrees in Teaching English or Arabic as a Second Language and many years of experience.

What do we teach?

The language support programme focuses on all language skills; oral expression, listening, decoding, reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, spelling and grammar. The teachers follow a specially designed curriculum for English and Arabic language learners.


We are more than willing to answer queries you might have regarding Language Support at IAA. Please come see us after school hours or make an appointment over the phone.