The International Academy Amman promotes and supports the integration of ICT in teaching and learning in both Primary and Secondary schools.


In Primary School, there’s an ICT laboratory that is fully equipped to facilitate the delivery of the latest advancements in technology and ICT skills. It includes 25 computers where each student has access to their own workstation to learn and practise. A state of the art printer, high-quality headphones and speakers, and an interactive whiteboard connected to a data show are all used to enrich the learning process by enabling the demonstration of concepts and skills and producing creative outputs.

Academic support in the ICT Laboratory is provided by an ICT Teaching Assistant in addition to an ICT technician who is in charge of technical support and supervision of equipment.


Students in Primary also have access to grade-level laptops which are equipped with a safe and supervised wireless internet connection to maximise their learning opportunities through the application of ICT skills that are acquired and integrated into Literacy and Integrated Study lessons.


Our fifth graders, in addition to our Middle and High school students, bring their own computers as part of the school's bring your Own Device (BYOD) policy. They have access to cloud-based services and online production tools, which elevates teaching and learning efficiency. Working in a supervised, safe, and fast networking environment in addition to following the IAA’a ICT code of conduct ensures that using technology for learning can create high-impact, sustainable, scalable, and equitable learning experiences for all students. 

A printing facility that supports students’ research is available by providing a black and white laser printer and a specific quota for each student. IT support is continuously provided through our IT offices located in different areas of the Secondary and Primary buildings.


Students in Secondary school have access to the Media Center which is equipped with multimedia systems, an interactive whiteboard connected to a data show, 10 computers, a fast Internet connection round the clock, and an online UPS for system backup. The centre nourishes students’ creativity and innovation by providing a vast collection of educational and design software that caters to various subjects and interests. A green screen, in addition to a set of professional digital cameras and 3 different types of state of the art printers are all used to facilitate the production of students’ creative projects and outputs.