Grade 10 Job Shadow Programme

The IB Middle Years Programme requires Grade 10 students to engage in a week of "job shadowing,” a programme which allows students to directly experience the local workplace first-hand, and typically within their chosen fields of interest. In addition to cultivating a more informed understanding of the practical work environment, this programme also affords young people the occasion to explore those areas of study they wish to focus upon at the IB Diploma level, as well as later at the university level, in preparation for a future career.

The Grade 10 Job Shadow Programme collaborates closely with the IAA parent community, a vast pool of prominent professionals and decision-makers, who own, manage, lead or advise a diverse array of corporate businesses, governmental institutions and non-profit organizations. The IAA parent community is instrumental in contributing to the off-campus educational opportunities that Grade 10 students need towards completion of their MYP requirements.