Community and Service

IAA is very proud of its vigorous Service & Action and Community & Service programmes, core components of the MYP and IB Diploma experience. These programmes, however, are not merely curricular - they constitute the overall spirit of service that permeates the entire culture of the school, beginning at the Primary level. Duty is an important school Pillar, informing the students" development as local and global citizens. At IAA, CAS allows IB students to directly get involved with the larger Jordanian community, supporting a wide plethora of organizations and people who depend upon the support of others for their success. The purpose of CAS is to encourage IB schools to give students the means to learn through experience, taking action in the service of others. Students engage in a creative process of planning and executing service-based activities that build character and social responsibility within Jordan and beyond. CAS helps students to:

  • Increase awareness of their strengths and areas for growth
  • Undertake new challenges
  • Plan and initiate activities
  • Work collaboratively with others
  • Show perseverance and commitment
  • Engage with issues of global importance
  • Consider ethical implications
  • Develop new skills