Senior Management

Dr. Hana Kanan
Reem Abu Harb
Deputy Director for Business & Finance
Dr. Lois Warner
Assistant Director for Curriculum


Nour Shahzada
Noor Zash
Admissions Officer
Nisreen Abu Osba'a
Admissions Admin Support
Lamia Shamali
MOE Liaison Assistant


Abdullah Arabiat
Chief of Finance
Bahaa Mujahed
Senior Accountant
Othman Salameh
Cost & Budgeting Accountant
Mohammad Al Momani
Emad Al Khasawneh
Accountant Teller
Abeer Ayyash
Uniform Cashier

Procurement, Supplies and Logistics

Nemer Wahbeh
Procurement & Logistics Manager
Hussam El-Hassan
Inventory Officer
Ahmad Najjar
Procurement Officer
Ahmad Shareef
Procurement Assistant
Yaser Abu Hantash
Inventory Assistant
Ibrahim Qaddah
Stores Assistant

Public Relations, Trips and Events

Lana Tabba'a
Public Relations & Communications Manager
Lina Hakouz
PR & Events Officer
Masa Maraqa
PR & Trips Officer
Seif Al-Shiyab
Officer, Social Media & Special Functions
Sandra Ishaqat
Graphic Designer

Information Technology

Mohannad Maswady
IT Manager
Ahmad Qawadri
IT Supervisor
Reham Al-Saleh
ICT Coordinator
Ala'a Abu Kwaik
IT Systems Analyst
Abdullah Habeeb
IT Help Desk
Shadi Shehadeh
IT Help Desk
Mohannad AlSet
IT Help Desk

Human Resources

Rania Kayyali
Human Resources Manager
Maysa Hijab
Human Resources Officer
Hanan Tareef
HR Admin Support

Administrative Services

Dana Hamzouq
General Services/ Director's Office Manager
Asma Al Mheirat
Front Desk Officer


Ismail Habi
Saleem Al Friwan