School Pillars


Duty at IAA is commitment to serve selflessly, with no expectation of any recognition in return. It is an innate understanding that the well-being of the world can only be realized through the contribution of every citizen. Our own world extends far beyond our immediate circumstances, and the welfare of others can never be entirely separate from our own. IAA is committed to nurturing the sense of responsibility, duty and service.


"The leader of a house is also its humble servant.” At IAA leadership stems from the fundamental principles of dignity, respect, peace, humanity, prosperity and belonging. The IAA community understands that strong and inspiring leadership is not simply a title or position, but rather requires the active development of these essential principles. Leadership cannot be divorced from character.

Cultural Heritage

Our heritage is our cultural, social, physical and intellectual identity. It celebrates our past, drives our present and helps shape our future. Jordan is a unique country that celebrates the diversity of its people, honouring the pride each individual exhibits towards their own personal cultural heritage. This is the Jordan to which IAA is proud to belong.


At IAA, we understand that we are one of many on this Earth. We know that our actions not only affect the world, but also reflect how the world views us. We accept people based on the universal principles of Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Fundamental Freedoms. We therefore recognize each other as equal brothers and sisters. At IAA, acceptance is the basis of all human interaction.