Media Centre

The Media Lab in the Secondary Library is a hidden jewel on campus.  We have the tools needed to assemble an audio or video project from start to finish, including recording equipment and professional video editing software.   In the Media Lab, students have access to the computers, designing software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, editing and a variety of other programs.  We have cameras and video cameras available for check out.  Students utilize this equipment, and our facility allows students the opportunity to produce professional work of the highest quality. Available for all grade levels, we provide support for MOODLE and  The IAA Panorama, showcasing the best of student work online is produced here.  Working in collaboration with teachers via the Informatics Curricula, our two media technologists work with students to incorporate new online tools into the learning process. Individual assistance is given to students on IB projects, Extended Essays, CAS projects and other student initiatives.