Panorama News

Hello from the Panorama team of 2016-2017!

August and September have been extremely busy at the IAA Panorama office, as we interviewed candidates to run the program for the 2016-2017 academic year. Now, our staff is ready to go!

The new team is excited and passionate to see Panorama flourish and expand. This year’s team is a group of highly-skilled and motivated students who truly want to make IAA a better place for all— students and teachers. The new Panorama team hopes to set even higher standards this year. The team is already busy at work redesigning the Panorama website. Look out for new features and updates. Also, keep an eye for new and updated Panorama videos, which can be accessed through the website or our YouTube account!

Students and teachers can contact us with events or exemplary student work to feature on our social media outlets.

Find us on the following links:

Website (Redesigned and updated!):



Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions. Also, please feel free to ask any members of the team during school hours— and after!

Email us at: (

Greetings from:

Rawan Al-Abdallat: Head Supervisor

Faisal Hijjawi: General Manager

Sati Arar and Sama Masa’sdeh: Video Managers

Bana Abdo and Sara Baara: Video Editors

Bushra Hussein: Social Media Manager

Nadine Hijazi: Photo Manager