A Message from the Assistant Director for Curriculum

Dear Parents,

A rather exciting project that I’m working on this year is IAA’s ‘Portrait of a Graduate’.  The consultant we had last year to help us with our Strategic Plan suggested that we develop one so that the entire school community would have a shared vision of what we want the graduates of our school to become.  If you Google ‘Portrait of a Graduate’, you will find many examples that other schools have developed.

The exciting part of this project is that it is shared between all parts of our school community.  From the Administration side, Public Relations and Admissions will use IAA’s Portrait to show prospective parents and the wider Amman community who we are.  At the same time, those of us in leadership of the academic side of the school will use the ‘Portrait’ to help our teachers understand exactly what we are trying to accomplish and our students know where they are headed.

To make sure that our Portrait represents the ideas of everyone in the IAA community, we are holding workshops to tell everyone about this project and to give groups a time to develop their own ‘Portraits’.  We have already held workshops for teachers and senior students and plan to hold a session for alumni in upcoming weeks.  This week, on Wednesday, 13 December, at 8 am, we will hold a session for parents.

This is your chance to contribute to the future of IAA by helping us shape our Portrait of a Graduate.  Please don’t miss this opportunity!


Warmest regards,


Lois L. Warner Ph.D.

Assistant Director for Curriculum