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This is a reminder that KG and Primary students’ last day for Library classes was Thursday, May 24.  The final day to turn in materials is Sunday, June 3. After that, invoices will be issued for lost books and must be paid for in the Finance Office.  Please be patient with the Library staff regarding lost books.  If children sense that their parents are anxious with the librarian, it may cause them to feel nervous and/or have a bad impression of the library, which will affect their love of literature and learning.  We will work together so that your child has a positive library experience at IAA. More often than not, the books are found, and there is no problem.  Occasionally, books are not found, and per IAA Policy, parents are liable for the book. Speaking from experience with my own children, some places to look for lost books are under car seats, in the trunk of the car, in bookshelves at home, under beds and coffee tables, under the sofa, mixed in with DVDs, in playhouses, or in old book bags or backpacks.  Our staff also thoroughly checks in their library, the hallways, classrooms, resource rooms and other libraries in case a book has been misplaced in those locations.  If you have any questions or concerns about lost library books, please see Ms. Kathleen, Head of Libraries, in the Secondary Library or email me directly at

With Ramadan coming up, I was encouraged to create a Ramadan Reading List for those days we are blessed with extra time to think and reflect on what matters in life.  Our librarians have given their top Ramadan picks, and we have so many more suggestions.  For instance, it’s a great time to check out a book from our Arabic in Translation series in the Secondary.  It’s also a very opportune time to encourage your children to read about the history of Jordan.

Ms. Kathleen (Secondary) suggests: I Shall Not Hate by Izzeldin Abulaish.

To hear the Gazan experience from a doctor who had been born destitute in the Jabalia refugee camp, to follow his opportunities and setbacks, is a rare gift. This book doesn’t sugarcoat Arab-Israeli tensions. In fact, the author teaches quite a bit of history and sheds much-needed light on the internal political workings of Hamas and Fatah. His is not a politically charged mission. It’s a humanitarian mission to show that we often have more in common with our enemy than we think. The road to peace begins with listening to what we do not understand, listening in spite of what we are afraid to hear. He lives and writes in the paradox of the horrible hope for Mid-East peace. Hope for a better world. Horror for the incalculable loss and suffering which will continue to spur the disenfranchised to either acceptance and change or revenge and retribution.

Ms. Dima (Primary) suggests: 1001 Inventions and Awesome Facts from Muslim Civilization by National Geographic.

This is a great book for kids to enjoy. Kids will love reading about the many inventions they know and use today that were invented in some form or another over a thousand years ago. There are lots of facts, photos and fun. Each page is packed with information on little-known history of Muslim civilisation, showing how their achievements still apply to our world today. We often think that people from a thousand years ago were living in the Dark Ages, but from the 7th Century onward in Muslim civilisation, there were amazing advances and inventions that still influence our everyday lives. Inventors created marvels like the elephant water clock, explorers drew detailed maps of the world, women made scientific breakthroughs and founded universities, and so much more!

Miss Tania (KG) suggests: The Foggy, Foggy Forest by Nick Sharrat.

This unusual picture book is printed on vellum pages which create a foggy look, allowing children to guess what is behind the “fog”.  It is an amazing guessing book. Behind each page, you will find a different fairy tale character hiding in the foggy forest. Sharrat depicts each character as a silhouette on one page and then shows a full color image of the character on the next page. The students love guessing on the first page and then turning the page to see if they were right.

Ms. Dana (KG) suggests

قمر رمضان

.تأليف: نعيمة روبرت، ورسوم: سمر براج

عِنْدما يقْترِبُ شَهْرُ رمضان، نتطلَّع إلى الأعلى، ننظر إلى السماءِ، نبحثُ عن إشارةٍ، نترقَّبُ وبشوقٍ ننتظرُ، ذلك البريق الفضيَّ، ذلك الهلال اللَّمّاعَ، ننتظرُ ولادة القمر، قمر شهر رمضان

   يبعث هذا الكتاب الفرح في قلوب القراء الصغار تماماً كما يفعل قمر رمضان الذي يبشر المسلمين بحلول الشهر الكريم. يشير الكتاب إلى الشعائر الدينية والأنشطة التي يمارسها المسلمون في هذا الشهر. ويتناول الكتاب التغيرات التي تطرأ على شكل القمر وما يزامنها من أحداث في شهر رمضان كليلة القدر وحلول العيد

Ms. Rania (Secondary) suggests The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

 كتاب السر لروندا بايرن

    by Rhonda Byrne

من الكتب التي تساعد في تطوير الذات وجلب الطاقة الإيجابية والتفكير الإيجابي وجلب السعادة، وكل ما تجذبه لنفسك هو ما تحصل عليه وهوه نوع من جلب التفاؤل للنفس والرضا

ويتحدث هذا الكتاب عن كيفية جذب الطاقة الإيجابية وجعلها تؤثر على حياتك بطريقة سليمة، وبالتالي سوف ينعكس ذلك على كل من حولك وبالعكس عن جذب التشاؤم والطاقة السلبية لنفسك فان ذلك سوف ينعكس على سلوكك مباشرة وبالتاكيد سوف ينعكس على كل من حولك ويكون ذلك سبب في جلب التشاؤم والضيق للنفس

.ملخص الكتاب كن متفائلا في حياتك ولا تجذب لنفسك الا الطاقة الإيجابية وابتعد عن الأشخاص السلبيين ولا تجذب لنفسك سوا الطاقة الإيجابية

Ms. Tamara (Secondary) suggests Sultan Saifuddin Qutuz: Champion of Ain Jalut and the Defeater of Mongols by Mansour Abdul Hakim.

تمارا هاكوز: السلطان سيف الدين قطز: بطل عين جالوت وقاهر المغول ـــ منصور عبد الحكيم

السلطان سيف الدين قطز : بطل عين جالوت وقاهر المغول: كتاب يتناول سيرة حياة الملك المظفر قطز بأسلوب لطيف وسهل الإستيعاب أنصح بقراءته لنعرف عن حياة بطل من أبطال المسلمين الذي لولاه لتغلغل المغول في أهم وأقوى المدن العربية في ذلك الوقت وهي مصر والا لكان انتهى عصر الدولة الإسلامية في جميع الدول العربية. فقد قام المغول بدخول بغداد وعاثوا فيها فساداً وأحرقوا مكتبتها ورموا بكتبها في نهر دجلة وللأسف تحالف بعض أمراء العرب مع المغول خوفا على حياتهم لكن بعد أن شعروا بالأمان قام المغول بخيانة العهد واستولوا على الإمارات العربية وقتلوا من فيها، حتى جاء قطز في معركة عين جالوت وهزم المغول هزيمة ساحقة  واسترد ما أخذ منهم. على الرغم من أن مدة حكمه لم تدم لأكثر من سنة إلا أنه من أكثر السلاطين الذين أثروا في التاريخ العربي والإسلامي


Happy Reading,


Ms. Kathleen for the Libraries