IAA Wellness Programme

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Welcome to the IAA Wellness Programme.

We are proud to invite you to our launch, the Wellness Fair, on Wednesday, March 8 from 10am-3pm at the MPR & Foyer. Experience wellness the IAA way with our partners who will take you on a wellness journey through workshops, wellness tests and healthy treats.

10am: Welcome Speech - IAA, MPR

10:05am-10:30am: Enrich Your Relationships, Enrich Your Lives - Ithraa, MPR

10:30am-11am: Kids Act Fast & So Do Poisons - Pharmacy 1, MPR

11am-11:30am: Art of Living - Art of Living, MPR

11:30am-12pm: Green Wheelz Community & Initiative - Green Wheelz, MPR

12pm-12:30pm: Healthy Eating for Children & Adolescents - Tahamas, MPR

12:30pm-1pm: Born 2 Move - Intensiti 180, MPR

1pm-1:30pm: Brain Allergies - The Lab, MPR

1:30pm-2pm: Introducing Tahamas for A Better Future - Tahamas, MPR

2pm-2:30pm: Discovering Your Maximum Potential - Ithraa, MPR

2:30pm-3pm: Know More About Your Medications - Pharmacy 1, MPR