Primary School News

Dear Parents,

Book Week – A Success

The school was buzzing last week with the various Book Week activities taking place and I know that our guest authors were inspirational in their delivery of their work. Our students were captivated by the stories that they told and also learned more about the reality of being a published author, which is very much built upon a commitment to hard work and persistence. I know that our children enjoyed Book Character Day and Crazy Socks Day and I would like to thank the many parents who invested in this occasion by working with their children to create homemade outfits.

Dead 2 Red

I would like to express my appreciation to the community for supporting the school’s Dead 2 Red team in their fundraising efforts for the Al-Aman Fund. The team worked together to run the 242km from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea and were the first adult team to arrive in Aqaba. An incredible performance! Through the course of the fundraising campaign, over 2,000 JD was raised and will go to providing services to help orphaned children successfully transition to adulthood.

Science Fair

In order to prepare for the Grade 3 – 5 Science Fairs that will take place in April, Ms Rene’ will be running Parent Workshops next week. The times and locations are as follow:

Sunday March 18th           G5 Science Fair Parent Meeting (Primary Library) @ 8:15am

Monday, March 19th       G4 Science Fair Parent Meeting (Primary Library) @ 8:15am

Tuesday, March 20th       G3 Science Fair Parent Meeting (Primary Library) @ 8:15am

Award Winners

I would like to recognise our award winners this week. They are:

Bronze Award Winners

Adeeb Manna 4M Dania Al Saraf 3S Rayan Fakhouri 2J
Marwan Al- Kayed 4M Hussein Al- Daoud 3S Yasmin Sukhtian 1I
Omar Al- Ghawi 4G Salma Kasih 3S Haya Al Zraiqat 1I
Kareem Al Saleh 4G Ali Kachakeche 2Z Tia Ghaith 1S
Amjad Almajali 4G

Silver Award Winners

Sarra Abu Tayeh 4M Iman Al Mefleh 1I Tia Naghawi 1F  
Yahaya Hoozeer 4G Mira Khoja 1I Juana Zeidan 1F  
Mohammad Dajani 4G Zainah Al Jaghbir 1I Jafar Al Abdallat 1F  
Omar Nashashibi 4G George Al- Nims 1I Hager Buzeid 1F  
Talal Al- Asad 4G Taleen Khoury 1I Hashem Al Hamdan 1F
Ahmad Abu Yousef 3S Norah Ghnaimat 1I Limara Al Asad 1F  
Faisal Shawareb 1S Sarah Al Bay 1I Juman Al Samhouri 1F
Ibrahim Al Oudat 1S Sema Farhan 1I Rahmah Beiruti 1F  
Haya Al Zraiqat 1I Abdelillah Al Farouqi 1I Majed Rudeni 1F  

Gold Award Winner

Hashem Asfour 5T Gabriella Gourgourinis 3S Jazmine Al Jamal 2J  
karam Fakhouri 5T Hannah Fahallah 2Z Rashed Abu Dahab 2H
Rashed Samawi 5T Abdullah Shami 2Z Omar Toukan 2H  
Sara Halawa 5T Hashem Saket 2Z Zakariyah Hoozeer 2H
Tania El Akabi 5T  

Gold with Merit Award Winners

Saif Saleh 5T Laith Saoudi 5T Abdelrahman Al Ahmad 1S
Abdel Majeed Al Shdefat 5T Salma Haj Ahmad 3S Abdulfattah Alnajjar 1I
Ahmad Mustafa 5T  


I hope that you have a wonderful week.


Yours sincerely,

Andrew Powell