Primary School News

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new week! Over the past month I have ventured back into the classroom in a teaching capacity; in one instance to cover a medium-term teacher’s absence and in the other, to lead a mathematics initiative. Working in this capacity has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I have enjoyed strengthening my relationships with students, while also providing them with engaging learning experiences.

One of the things that I have appreciated has been our students’ willingness to engage in more contextual style learning experiences. These rich tasks have required children to work in group situations and seek solutions that are grounded in logic and prior knowledge that make sense to them, rather than simply following procedures set out by teachers. These experiences have certainly tested our children’s resolve but are providing a much deeper learning experience and deeper levels of conceptual understanding. I look forward to continuing this work and sharing our students’ learning with you in the near future.

There is an exclusive viewing of Wonder starring Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson at Taj Cinemas for Grade 2 to Grade 5 students from 5:15pm on Tuesday, November 21st. This movie fits nicely with the IAA Libraries’ emphasis on the pillar of Acceptance this month. Our librarians are using the picture book, We’re All Wonders in their library lessons, which is the basis for the book.

Our upcoming Parent Mornings are as follows:

Wednesday, November 22nd @ 8am Digital Citizenship

Wednesday, December 6th @ 8am Second Step Character Education

Wednesday, December 13th @ 8am Portrait of a Graduate – please note change of date

I would like to remind you that students should only be wearing the official IAA school uniform. Should students be wearing jumpers, sweaters or coats that do not comply with our school uniform expectations, we may ask them to call home and have you bring appropriate clothing to school for them.

I would like to recognise our award winners this week. They are:

Bronze Award Winners

Adam Abu- lughod 3G Hannah Fathalah 2Z Rawia Hamad 1I
Omar Hyasat 3G Taj Qusous 2Z Laith Smadi 1I
Raya Oweis 3G Sanaa Al Kiswani 2Z Tahseen Shurdom 1I
Sumayah Makanai 3G Muhyeddin Al Ghezawi 2Z Abdelrahman Al ahmad 1S
Jyda Kamal 3G Husni Al Omari 1I Maryam Al Adhami 1C
Reem Al- Basha 3G  


I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Powell