Primary School News

Dear Parents,

Early Years Admissions Screening

This weekend we welcomed fifty families to the school as part of our Early Years Admissions screening process. While there were a few shy children, the overall quality of applicants was high. Since joining the school, I have been very proud of the significant interest in our school programmes and the commitment we have in providing our community with the best of an international education while remaining committed to the school pillars of Acceptance, Duty, Leadership and Cultural Heritage. The fact that there are limited vacancies in our upper Primary School is testament to the quality teaching and learning that is in place.

Go Hawks!

Over the weekend, our Hawks footballers were also in action. Coach Samer and his team organised a fantastic football carnival which gave our students from Grade 1 – 5 the opportunity to play in a friendly, yet competitive environment.

Award Winners

I would like to recognise our award winners this week. They are:

Bronze Award Winners

Yasmeena Saket 5CE Abbas Hamdan 3A Mariel Imseeh 3LC
Eleina Imseeh 4M Ameer Al Lozi 3A Noor Asali 3LC
Tayma Abu Al Issam 4M Al Saif Al Awwad 3LC Hiam Kharouba 1S
Talal Al- Asad 4G

Silver Award Winners

Nasser Abu Ragheb 3A Salma Al Faraj 3A Rawia Hamad 1I
Salma Haj Ahmad 3A


I hope that you have a wonderful week.


Yours sincerely,

Andrew Powell