Primary School News

Dear Parents,

We finished another busy week at school with a lovely assembly led by Mr Graham’s Grade 4 class, which focussed on some of the talents that our students possess.  This was fitting given that many of our students had been campaigning for leadership positions within the school last week, which culminated with elections for Student Council and Eco Team positions on Thursday. House elections will take place this week and I look forward to sharing the results of these formal leadership positions in next week’s newsletter.

Our staff has been engaging in a series of professional development activities since they returned from the holiday break and over the weekend our Arabic, Early Years and specialist staff attended a variety of sessions aimed at improving our programs and classroom practice. Those parents with children in the Early Years may soon hear about Dough Disco and Squiggle While You Wiggle, initiatives aimed at improving students’ fine motor skills, which are necessary to develop dexterity and strength crucial for handwriting and other associated activities. This Saturday, our classroom teachers will be supported in their professional learning by Dr Hanna Haydal, a Columbia University specialist in Childhood Education Mathematics.

Last week, a note was sent home about a collaborative effort between IAA and ICS to raise funds for cancer research as both communities have been deeply affected by cancer over the past year. Families are encouraged to support this initiative by ordering t-shirts from finance between September 17th and September 24th. As Primary aged students are unable to participate in the Amman Marathon due to their age, we will be holding our own walk around the field on October 12th at which time students may wear their t-shirt.

The Parent Information Sessions held over the past few weeks were well attended and I appreciated the positive partnerships fostered between parents and teachers. As indicated, during the information sessions, we will be facilitating a number of parent mornings over the next couple of months which will provide you with the opportunity to engage in a variety of topics. The dates and times for these sessions are as follows:

Date                                                                      Event                                                      Time

Wednesday, September 27th         Parent Morning: Mathematics                                                8am

Wednesday, October 4th               Parent Morning: Importance of fine motor skills                      8am

Wednesday, October 18th             Parent Morning: I Read Arabic                                                8am

Wednesday, October 25th             Parent Morning: Active Learning in the Early Years                   8am

Wednesday, November 8th              Parent Morning: BYOD/ Coding                                               8am

Wednesday, November 22nd        Parent Morning: Digital Citizenship                                         8am


Have a wonderful week!

Yours sincerely,


Andrew Powell