A Message from the Assistant Director for Curriculum

Dear Parents,

This weekend IAA’s Libraries will sponsor the first conference for school libraries in Jordan.  We are thrilled to have the honour of being a leader in the Amman community in emphasising the value of the school library and bringing training, resources and ideas to schools in our community.

If it’s been a while since you have visited one of our libraries, also please take this opportunity to take advantage of this valuable resource.  IAA is lucky to have one of the finest school collections in Jordan; the range of books we feature in our three libraries is amazing.

As a former English teacher and lifelong avid reader, I relish every trip I get to take through our Secondary library.  When I first came to IAA, I thought it was funny that the school had placed me, of all people, in an office so close to the library, because libraries are a huge distraction for me.  I still remember the first time I realised I could read on my own…I wanted my mom to read me a story, and she told me to go read it by myself.  I think I can even remember what book it was…and I definitely haven’t stopped reading since.

Even in the United States, we didn’t really have bookstores back in those days, but my mom joined monthly book clubs that sent books to our home each month, and we made regular trips to the local public library, where I checked out a large stack of reading material each week!

In my adult life, I have never had more than one television in my house at a time because no one in my family wanted the distraction from reading (well, the adults anyway).

No one needs to be as extreme as I am, but I do hope you have time to come by one (or more) of our libraries soon and see what we have to offer!


Best regards,