A Message from the Director

Dear IAA Community,

Welcome to week 22 of the academic year, bringing us closer to the end of our first term and the end of term reports.

Speaking of report cards, I came across a valuable article (https://www.teachervision.com/report-cards-advice-parents) on how to handle your child’s report card: (1) Focus on the positives  (2) Talk to your child and discuss the report with him/her  (3) Plan the next steps.

Remember that report cards are simply a formal record of your child’s progress. And progress is the key. It’s a way for you to see what your child is learning and how he is performing at school. If you approach report cards with that attitude, you will be able to offer the encouragement that your child needs for success in school.

This week, both the Primary assemblies and Secondary Parent Information sessions resume. Kindly visit the relevant sections of this newsletter for more information. Also, we are hosting the Oberlin Conservatory of Music group from Ohio who will treat our Secondary students to a variety of musical performances on Wednesday.

Preparation is underway for the Nepal trip as well as both sports trips in Dubai. Our annual Spain trip will be announced soon.

Finally, I am available on Tuesday, from 8-9am, for the open meeting at my office. Stay connected to the IAA news through our social media channels and our IAA mobile application.


Warm regards,

Hana Kanan Ed.D.