Library News

Whew!  The libraries are taking a small breather to catch up with all the bookish activity we had across campus last week.  We hope that students will remember last week as one of the best-ever book weeks.  Shifting gears this week, we have a Makerspace event this Tuesday, 13 March.  We will continue our celebration of Dr. Seuss by making Seuss-themed photo frames.  Sign-up is limited to 10 KG students with parents and 10 Primary students with parents.  Registration is now open at  The goal of the Makerspace programme is for parents and their children to relax together while making a product that is accessible and yet challenging in the hour we have together.

World Poetry Day is upcoming on Wednesday, 21 March.  The Secondary Library will be involved in various poetry-themed activities in the Secondary, while the KG Library prints poems as gifts for every teacher.  If you have a dormant reader, you may want to try this technique I’m using with my daughter.  Get a book with short, subject-based poems (ex. Silly Science Poems) and follow these steps:-

  1. read for understanding
  2. read for rhythm and rhyme
  3. child reads again for fluency

It has worked wonders for her reading confidence, understanding and fluency.  Just think of why Dr. Seuss books are so popular with kids.  The short, silly rhymes appeal to their imagination and they have FUN with them.

March is also Media Mentor Month in some countries.  In order to get our students off total dependence on electronic devices, why not use this month as a chance to try new activities that bring parents and students closer to understanding the positive role technology could play in our lives.  For example, try learning a new skill with your child by watching an instructional YouTube video.  Search online for a new recipe and make it with your child.  Try Pinterest or Yummly for ideas.  Or write down three things you are grateful for that mobile devices make possible.  Hopefully, you will find some time to discuss electronics with your students.  As Heitner says, “True screen wisdom is about relationships. It’s about the kinds of connections we can have with one another. It’s about trust. And balance.”

Happy Balancing.


Ms. Kathleen

For the Libraries