Secondary School News

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all of our parents who were able to attend the Parent Teacher conferences. While the parent-teacher conferences are almost over, communication between home and school remains an important part of your child’s success. Our teachers will continue to communicate to you of any academic and/or behavioural concerns.

There are numerous opportunities for students to find extra help with their subjects at school. Teachers have office hours in subjects where students often ask for more help and these are run after school from 3.20 to 4.20pm:

Maths: Grades 6 – 8 Monday, Grades 9 – 10 Wednesday, Grade 12 Studies Sunday and Wednesday, Grade 12 SL Wednesday, Grade 12 HL Wednesday

Arabic: Grades 6 to 8 Sunday, Grades 9 to 10 Monday

English: All grades Sunday

It was a great weekend for the Hawks. Football this time. The under 14 and under 18 girls made it to the final of their competitions but both teams just lost out in close matches. The under 14 boys and the under 18 boys both qualified to the knock out stages unbeaten. The semis and finals will be played this week and we wish them all the very best. The Hawks continue to do so well.

Excitement mounts as the countdown for Into The Woods, the magical musical production, has begun. On December 5th and 6th, you have the opportunity to watch an exhilarating tale that follows the intertwining paths of familiar characters on a journey found only in the woods. Happily ever after is just the beginning for the Baker and his Wife; Jack and the angry Giant; Cinderella; Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf; Rapunzel and her Prince; and the Witch. “Be careful what you wish for” is the theme, and we don’t need to wish for a full house on both days. As, once the tickets go on sale at the Finance Department, people will rush in to buy them because this is one play that is a must see.

I’MUN 2017 is three days away! 9 schools and nearly 400 students will take part in this academic simulation. The aim is to educate students about current global events, effective communication and multilateral diplomacy as it applies to the theme of “Greed For Glory?” Students take on roles as diplomats from a certain country, research that country’s perspective on specific international issues, debate, deliberate, consult and then discuss solutions to world problems. Students can also develop leadership skills by leading the building of a coalition, chairing a committee and even managing the conference as a whole. All the best to our students, as they prepare for this important event.

As the G10 Personal Project is in its last stages of finalising the report, the G8 Community Project (CP) has officially started last week. The CP challenges our students to engage in issues facing Jordan or the global community and to address them through service learning. There are many forms that service can take including direct service, advocacy or research. Ms. Randa Battikha, our CP Coordinator, will present to the Grade 8 Parents on Tuesday Nov. 21st, from 8am to 9am in the MPR, on the expectations of this project.


Yours sincerely,


Mr Martin and Ms Zena