Secondary School News

Dear Parents,

Spirit Week

A big thank you to the Student Representative Council for organising a successful Spirit Week! The various themes and student-led activities brought everyone together in a positive way. Activities during breaks included three-legged races on the football field, yoga in community square and lip-sync challenges at our Music Corner. Students and staff certainly demonstrated their creativity, musicality, flexibility and school spirit.

The Hawks

It has been a busy week for the Hawks. Our Girls and Boys Under 16 basketball teams have been in action this weekend and had some close matches. Neither team made it to the knock out stages, but the experience of taking part and representing the school is what counts, well done to all who participated. In Dubai this weekend, the Under 13 team won both the 11 and 7-a side tournaments and the Under 14 team won the 7-a side tournament. So 3 titles out of four – not a bad weekend for the footballers at all!

Dead 2 Red

For some time, a group of 10 Primary and Secondary staff running enthusiasts, under the team name “Happy Feet”, have been happily training for the annual Dead 2 Red relay race. They achieved first place, covering a distance of 242 km in 15 hours, 50 minutes and 34 seconds! Congratulations on an amazing achievement. “Only those who will risk going too far, can possibly find out how far one can go” TS Eliot.  We are very proud of you.

Thank you to our school community for supporting Happy Feet in their efforts to raise money for the Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans. A significant amount has been raised and we’ll be announcing the exact total shortly.

Robotics Competition

A select number of students have been busy preparing for the First Lego League competition that is taking place Saturday/Sunday. The first day went very well and we hope the second day of competition is a success. The theme is water conservation. The team constructed a robot that controlled water flow, applying the understanding that they gained from their visit to a water plant. We’ll announce their results next week.

G12 Visual Arts Exhibition

It is with pleasure that our G12 DP Visual Arts students present this year’s Arts exhibition. The exhibition celebrates the work of our talented artists who have worked tirelessly over the past two years to create a diverse range of artwork. Please join us on Monday 12th of March at 6pm in the MPR for the opening of exhibition. It will continue through until Wednesday 14th March.

Drama Production – 100

Our senior school production is debuting “100” this week with performances on the 13th and 14th of March. It centres on the afterlives of four characters, who find themselves in this mysterious void that exists between life and death. There, they must choose one memory from their lives in which to spend eternity. This is an intriguing play that takes us on a path of self-discovery. Alongside dealing with serious questions, the play also seeks to bring a sense of wonder, lightness and fun. It is suitable for students in grade 8 and above. Tickets are being sold, as usual, through Finance. Seats are limited, so purchase your tickets right away.

Grades 10 and 12 Mock Assessments

This is the last week in school for Grade 10 and 12 before their mock examinations. The Grade 10s are almost finished with their e-portfolios – just putting the final touches on their work. We urge parents to treat this week like any other. Despite what students may claim, the best revision they can do is in school with their teachers. It is more about how to use content than the content itself that enables students to score excellent grades. This will be the focus of teaching in school this week. As for the mocks themselves, we wish both Grades every success. Please note that during the examination weeks, students are expected in school for their exams only. They also must be in full school uniform when taking them.

You are a large part of your child’s success, especially as they head into final exams.  Here are some ways you can help:

  • Set time aside for study each day of the week, in a quiet location free from distractions (put the phone away).
  • Students should avoid junk food, carbonated drinks, energy drinks and caffeine. Instead, they could snack on fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Insist on reasonable bed times (minimum 8hr) as getting enough sleep is critical for the brain to function well.
  • Have your child write down questions for their teachers if they are not sure of a concept or skill. All of our teachers are available for extra help.
  • Remind your child to redo old assessments and to practice past papers.



Mr. Martin and Ms. Zena